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In the Boxing Ring
Intern Programme

At Jungle, we  believe in supporting the next generation at their foray into sports management and sports coaching. Our gym intern program includes hands on experience in gym management, sports coaching, customer service, customer sales and gym administration as part of the experience and intern learning process. 

Gym Interning has certain benefits to those thinking of stepping into the fitness /martial arts industry. The gym intern learns the ins and outs of the working of a gym, and leaves with a greater appreciation and understanding of this industry. 

We build your skills and knowledge and your confidence to be an all-rounder. You will be given hands on opportunities to handle coaching, admin, and possibly even plan the class curriculum under the guidance of our trainers.

We are looking for gym interns who are in either of the following courses or have the related skills:

- Gym Internship for Sports Management

- Gym internship for Sports Science 

- Gym Internship for Fitness Management

- Gym Internship for Sports Coaching

- Any other sports related courses

- Gym Internship for Digital Media

- Gym Internship for Digital Marketing

- Skills in digital content creation and editing (photoshop etc. Please add samples of your work or IG handle if going via this        route to the email)

We take school program interns year round, interested applicants may email their resume and cover letter to with the following title:

Re: GYM INTERN (your name) (start date) DD/MM/YY - (end date) DD/MM/YY

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