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Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Ever wondered who coach Fairuz is? He is one of the Jungle’s coaches, normally seen coaching on Sundays and Mondays. At the age of 28, he has participated in approximately 12 to 13 fights of various combat sports, including Muay Thai and Kickboxing.

The first martial arts that Fairuz learnt when he was a teenager was Muay Thai. Unfortunately, due to school commitments and various other contributing factors, he was not able to fully commit to Muay Thai during his teenage years. Thankfully, his circumstances improved over time, and Fairuz was able to dedicate himself to Muay Thai as he got older.

Becoming a Muay Thai coach was not part of Fairuz’s plans initially. He felt that there were still many areas to learn and explore in Muay Thai, and he was still lacking in skills and expertise to be deemed as a coach. Nonetheless, while he was learning how to hold the Muay Thai pads few years back, he fell deeply in love with it. On top of the rising wave of passion that hit him, he was glad to see his students improve through his guidance and adjustments of their techniques. More than that, he felt accomplished when he witnesses his students enjoying his classes. Even though he loves coaching, if he were to choose between being a fighter or a coach, Fairuz would choose to fight. The reason he gave was that he feels that as a fighter, he will be able to learn more, and his hunger to compete has not died yet.

Apart from Muay Thai, Fairuz did Brazilian Jiujitsu too. Even though Fairuz always seem serious when he coaches in Jungle, he was half-hearted as a fighter. Most of his competitions, he did not prepare much. Still, he managed to win despite the lack of preparation. Guess talent sometimes does beat hard work! Having said that, Fairuz did bring up that he did regret not putting in more efforts in his past fights, as better achievements could have been met. The very first fight coach Fairuz went through was a small-scale Judo competition which he had only trained for 3 weeks. Surprisingly, he came in 3rd despite the lack of groundwork.

When asked about his most memorable experience as a fighter, his answer was not one most fighters would give. His most memorable experience came when he was knocked out in 2018. He could remember the incident vividly till today, as he cried after getting knocked out. That particular match changed him for the better and gave him an important learning point. That loss taught him to start taking fights seriously and not see it as some sort of game. It made him realize the essentiality of preparation prior to any competition. Apart from being complacency, he also torn his wrist ligament and was awaiting surgery. Despite not being in prime condition, Fairuz did not back out, refusing to let his opponent think that he was afraid to go against them.

As coaching takes up quite an amount of Fairuz’s time, he likes to spend his free time with his close ones. Like any other human being, Fairuz enjoys playing games during his breaks as well. On a side note, not only can Fairuz coach, he is also proficient in sport massage! So feel free to hit him up to learn more about sport massage or seek wise counsel for your severe muscle aches or knots!

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