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Fight Like A Girl: The Benefits of Muay Thai for Women

“You fight like a girl!”

Once upon a time this used to be a form of insult for girls, but now tables have turned and is a form of compliment. Fight like a girl they say? You mean like Stamp Fairtex, ONE Championship Atom weight Muay Thai and Kickboxing World Champion? Female fighters are slowly gaining popularity and for some like Stamp, started with Muay Thai. So, ladies, why Muay Thai? Why is it gaining popularity among women? Read on further to find out the 7 benefits gained when women practice Muay Thai.

Burns up to 1000 calories per class

Music to most ladies’ ears. Men think a woman’s biggest dream is to find the perfect man, but in truth it is to actually eat as much as they want without gaining weight. Solution? Burn more than you consume. And you burn hella lot more in a standard Muay Thai class, which usually lasts for 1hr. At The Jungle, a standard class usually consists of a short warm up, where the intensity depends on the coach (we all have that one coach where we dread the warm up *cough*Coach Joey*cough*). Proceeding with a mix of drills, techniques, pad-works and body conditioning. Ultimately, it depends on how “nice” your coaches are.

Equipped with self-defence skills.

“Low crime does not mean no crime”.

Muay Thai techniques are effective regardless if the attacker is attacking you at a close range or long range. When executed correctly, it can do a big damage to your attacker when defending yourself in unexpected situations. This skill is very handy for your next Tinder date, when meeting a total stranger. Not saying all your Tinder dates deserve a back-end elbow, just that it is better to be combat ready if the situation arises. This is where the techniques component of the class is important as you will get to practice lightly on your training partner. In all the Muay Thai classes at The Jungle, there will certainly be time put aside by the coach to practice techniques. And if you are lucky to get Coach Azman for that class, you will get to hear him scream “Okay guys time for Technical Exchange!” at the end of his class.

Great Stress-Reliever

Punching your boss and spouse is a crime in most countries (yes, including Singapore). Hence, it’s best to punch the bags instead. Furthermore, you can treat your Muay Thai training time as an outlet for you to focus on yourself and improve your skills while lashing out those emotions and worries onto the bags! Killing 2 birds with 1 stone. But please do not lash out your anger on the people at the gym. We all have our own personal problems okay so don’t think yours is superior lor. Spread love, not hate.

“Learning Muay Thai helps me to de-stress after a long day at work. I have tried other sports before, but none of them helps me to unwind better than Muay Thai.” says Celeste, a regular at The Jungle.

Expanding Social Circle

No man woman is an island. At The Jungle, you will definitely get to meet and train with like-minded women who are driven by the same goal of improving themselves physically and mentally through Muay Thai. The number of women signing up for the Muay Thai classes at the gym is increasing and on average the Muay Thai classes consists of 50% ladies. You will definitely be more motivated to train when surrounded by strong and driven women. Who knows, you might even end up sharing a strong bff bond with one (or some) of the members.

Challenges Your Limits

Muay Thai is an excellent sport that tests your stamina and physical endurance. The coaches at The Jungle will push you to your limits and often will go the extra mile to encourage you even after class has ended. The coaches here may seem scary to the newbies, but don’t worry. They are gentler towards the newbies. Can’t really say the same for the regulars :’)

Regular Muay Thai training will not only make you stronger physically, but also mentally. It will fortify you with the mental toughness to overcome life’s many challenges. Being physically stronger is what most ladies are aiming for, with the body being more fit and toned. The more classes you go, the stronger your kicks and punches will get. Strong is the new sexy, amiright ladies?

And who knows? You might discover a hidden talent of being a fighter. The future is uncertain. You may be the next ONE Championship World Champion competing against Stamp Fairtex 😉

With that being said, there are plenty of benefits that can be gained for the ladies when you start training Muay Thai. Whatever your goals might be, be it to keep fit or de-stress, the coaches at The Jungle will guide, encourage and tekan you.

The Jungle have countless Muay Thai classes and are open 365 days a year, including on Public Holidays. We have lunch classes and evening classes. Check out The Jungle schedule on the website, or via the GloFox App to check the availability of the Muay Thai classes and also to sign up for them. The coaches are rotated regularly, ensuring the members are able to experience the different styles of each one of the coaches. In other words: different coach, different torture.

Signing out,


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