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Martial Arts and your Mental Wellbeing

Physical health is no doubt important, but have you ever heard of the saying “mind over matter”? Physical strength can only get you so far, but a combination of both strong physical and mental health can get you to places. Here are 4 ways how taking classes with us could help improve your mental wellbeing.

Stress Management

Stress happens to the best of us. At some point in our lives, be it at home or work, or in school. It could get very overwhelming. Stress can come in many different forms and our bodies can have very real responses to stress. The good news is, exercise is one of the best forms of stress relief! Any martial art such as Muay Thai, boxing, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and many more will work wonders for both your mental and physical health.

The physical movement of throwing a punch, kicking, elbowing, kneeing, and more can be a good outlet to vent. Striking is an excellent way to release pent-up stressful energy – nothing beats pad work or bag work when you need to let off some steam.

When your heart gets that pump when you are exercising, your body releases endorphins. These are neurotransmitters responsible for making you feel good. It can alleviate the feeling of pain and anxiety or stress. Learning a new skill forces us to focus on the present moment and temporarily forget about our to-do list and other responsibilities or deadlines.

Additionally, the true purpose of any martial art is to be both a physical and mental warrior. It trains your coping mechanism against stress such as decision making, fear, confidence, anger and will also make you feel good while doing it! If you haven’t already, try out a class today and see how martial arts can change your life.

Peaceful Sleep

Scientific evidence indicates that exercise can be an effective natural therapy for insomnia. Studies suggest that aerobic exercise may be particularly effective in helping reduce insomnia symptoms. Common aerobic exercises include jogging, cycling, swimming, and more. Why not try something new to improve your aerobic capacities like Muay Thai or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for a start? Research also indicates that for people with insomnia, the benefits of exercise kick in overtime, rather than immediately. Every bit of exercise you commit can help you feel better during the day and sleep better at night. Joining the sessions regularly can contribute to more sound and restful sleep. Physical activity increases time spent in deep sleep, the most physically restorative sleep phase. Deep sleep helps to boost immune function, support cardiac health, and control stress and anxiety.

We need to continuously metabolise oxygen to live, and the more efficiently we can do this the better we feel. Increased cardiovascular and strength training will improve your circulation and increase your body’s ability to carry oxygen. A by-product of exercise is the release of stress hormones as mentioned previously that in modest amounts can make us feel energized. From my experience, after the Muay Thai session I had in the evening with Jungle, I managed to get one of the most peaceful sleep at night. Nothing like a good workout session to ensure a satisfying night’s sleep and feel energised the next day.

After working out, you would be able to fall asleep faster and also stay asleep throughout the night. One survey found that the majority of people who exercise at 8 p.m. or later fall asleep quickly, experience an adequate amount of deep sleep, and wake up feeling well-rested. Respondents who exercise between 4 and 8 p.m. reported similar percentages for these categories, suggesting late-night exercise may actually benefit some people.

Friendly Community

Feeling valued and comfortable socially can prevent and reduce feelings of isolation, anxiety, depression, and more.

The martial arts community is full of amazing people who share goals that are similar to yours. People at Jungle, the coaches, the members, are friendly and approachable. So do not be afraid to ask questions where necessary. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never thrown a punch or are experienced looking for some new training partners, all are welcomed. Classes are a great way to meet new people, make new friends, develop social skills, and build relationships with members of a supportive community. Be a regular member and forge new friendships with the oldies that have been with us for months or even years now.

Being involved in a community provides a sense of belonging and social connectedness. It can also offer extra meaning and purpose to everyday life. The mind and body improvements can help to improve your relationship with your friends and family. You can take a class with your friends as an activity or create bonds of friendship with like-minded people that joined the class.

Confidence Boost

Another benefit of martial arts training is increasing your self-confidence. When you accomplish goals that don’t come easily, the result is a boost in self-confidence

More and more children are getting bullied in school and on social media, which is caused and also resulted in low self-esteem and self-confidence. Martial arts provide the means to a better and healthier body that effectively decreases stress and anxiety while boosting one’s self-confidence. A focused, disciplined, and tolerant attitude makes up this new-built confidence of children and adults who undergo martial arts training.

Learning self-defense and knowing you are more agile and capable goes a long way toward self-confidence. Sadly, the world could get scary sometimes. This makes self-confidence vital in many aspects of our lives. The mental toughness that comes from practicing martial arts encourages self-belief. You become more confident that you can even handle unexpected or challenging situations that you did not know you actually could. You may even find yourself being able to take on new challenges in your life that you did not expect. This self-confidence can make you walk a little taller and appear calmer and self-assured.


In conclusion, the overall stress that life throws at you can be lighten through doing some Muay Thai with us. With a friendly community and staff, you would feel more than welcomed to be part of the Jungle family. Do take care of your personal wellbeing and know that better days are ahead. Do something that you enjoy. Find out what you enjoy doing. Surround yourself with things or people that would make you feel better. Eat well, sleep well and know that getting help is alright and totally normal. Stay safe everyone!

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