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Martial Arts For Kids : Advantage And Benefits Of Kids Learning Martial’s Arts In School

Martial Arts For Kids : Advantage And Benefits Of Kids Learning Martial’s Arts In School

Martial Arts, especially Muay Thai is a sport that can be picked up at any age or phase of life. In fact, many Muay Thai fighters we see competing today have picked up the sport and trained since they were a child. One can argue that the advantage of honing their skills since young have contributed to the success that they have enjoyed today. Below are 3 advantages of kids learning about martial arts.

1) It improves their concentration

Some activities allow children to simply show up and go through the motions of the activity. In martial arts, this isn’t the case. Active listening, observing and replicating the moves is a fundamental aspect of learning new moves and sequences in Muay Thai. Children will also learn to develop quick reactionary skills in order to change directions at a moment’s notice and all of this contributes and hone a child’s alertness and concentration level and allow them to better concentrate both in the gym and outside of it

2) It instills a sense of discipline in them

Structure is an important component of any martial arts class. Come to any of the Muay Thai class at The Jungle and you will realise that every session has a predictable format, routine and instructors strictly enforce rules and emphasize the value of respect towards your partners and instructors

Over time, your child will learn these routines and, in the course of training, learn to be accountable for their own actions and show respect to their instructors and the people around them. Muay Thai would also teach them how to be tenacious and not give up when they are tired.

3) Improves their Coordination

It is claimed that more often than not, a child’s motor skills is developed in their early exposure of sports and martial arts. The proper development of a child’s motor skills is dependent on their coordination and balance. One of the major physical benefits of martial arts is learning how to use your body and react quickly.

Through punching, kicking, and jumping, a child will develop the coordination needed to excel in any physical activity. Many of these sequences also require fast changes in direction, which can improve balance. Possessing a better balance and coordination can be the key towards a child excelling in various sports as they peak due to the excellent foundation & development of key motor skills through their exposure of martial arts

In conclusion, we notice that learning martial arts for kids has nothing but upside. Learning martial arts not only improve their physical strength, balance and hand eye coordination, it also strengthen their mental strength and fortitude, resulting in a resilient kid both on the outside and in the inside. The Jungle understands how difficult it is to find a martial arts gym that not only caters to adults but also the kids as well and this is where Jungle wishes to help. For a limited time only, Jungle is opening up slots for “The Jungle Academy” where kids can undergo a series of comprehensive lessons aimed at making Muay Thai fun and manageable for your kid. So what are you waiting for? Sign your kids up now!

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