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Morale & Team Building : The Co-Relation

Hello everyone, its me, J again. And today I will be sharing about the concept of employee morale and why team bonding/ building are often the go-to for boosting employee morale.

Employee morale is defined as “The satisfaction, attitude, and overall outlook of employees during their association with an organization” Why is it so important you ask, Employee morale is directly correlated to your organization’s overall productivity, competitiveness in the market, and, in turn, the profitability of the company. Employees who have a higher level of employee morale tend to be more productive, more satisfied with their jobs, and more engaged at work. This can give you a significant advantage because happy and fulfilled people at work tend to stay in place (low employee turnover), tend to vouch for your brand (employee-led brand recognition), and tend to boost customer satisfaction ratings.

The purpose of any team building activities is to motivate people to work together, to develop their strengths, to build team cohesion and to address any weaknesses. So, any team building exercise should encourage collaboration rather than competition. This enables a firm foundation of purpose, trust and rapport to be built that can be translated to the workplace. Not sure what are some of the team building activities that can be done? Head on down below to see 2 simple yet effective teambuilding activities that can be done at the comfort of the office.


Pipeline is a group problem solving & communication exercise. This activity involves moving marbles or different sized balls down lengths of half pipe from one end to another end. Each participant has only one short length of pipe to themselves and need to communicate and work effectively with one another so that the object can move through the pipes without dropping. The logistics are simple, you only need as many pipes as there is to participants, several balls of different sizes and ample space to conduct this activity.

Human Knot

The Human Knot is a team activity that requires group members to form a circle, grab two opposite participants’ hands, and then untangle the resulting jumble without ever loosening the grip. Some benefits of playing the Human Knot are better communication skills, heightened problem-solving abilities, and increased group familiarity. The game puts teammates into close proximity and initiates conversation. Group decisions become imperative and if teams do not act in unison during this activity, the game will result in an unsolved tangle and a bunch of sore arms.

Moreover, no player can squirm across the circle solo. Participants must discuss the best move, agree on a route, try the action, and adjust or regroup as necessary. This activity is a great reminder that team success depends on the ideas and contributions of all team members.

As you can see, morale and team building are essential building block of a workplace where trust is fostered and communication is key. Over at The Jungle, who believe that trust is fostered also through sweat! That is why we offer special packages meant to cater to department cohesion who wishes to build team cohesion through the kicking of pads or mass workouts! Do not hesitate further! Enquire to find out more.

Signing Off,


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