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The Jungle Experience: A First-Timer Experience

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

I am sure that all of us have definitely gone to a place for the first time at least once in our life. Be it going to a new workplace, a new school or even going to a restaurant that you have never visited before and is going for the first time. The fear of not knowing what to expect from going somewhere for the first time can be intimidating but it does not have to be! A research surveying consumer loyalty finds that 93% of consumer attributed the positive experience they experienced as a reason for repeated consumption of a product/ brand. This is why it is very important for brands to provide first-timer with a comfortable and conducive environment where they feel welcomed and taken care of.

Here at the Jungle, this is exactly what we strive to do !

Without further ado, lets dive in one by one into the things we do at Jungle to make the first-timer’s experience less intimidating.

Booking a Class through Glofox

Before stepping into the gym for the first time, you would need to download the “Glofox” app and look for "The Jungle" to see wide array of classes we offer. The app also allows you to see the types & timing of classes we offer such as Muay Thai lessons, Boxing, BJJ & Friendly sparring. Once you find a class that you are interested in and manage to book it, all you have to do is to mark down the date & time onto your calendar and just bring your own water bottle on the day itself. Yep, you heard it right. Water bottle only! The equipment will be provided & rented to you at no additional/minimal cost. (Pro tip : aim to reach 15- 20 mins earlier than your timeslot so that you can navigate your way to the gym & check out the gym before lesson begin proper)

Orientation Of The Place & Lesson

Once you arrive at the gym for your lesson, our staff will give you a quick orientation of the gym as well as the various facilities of the gym such as the shower area, weights area, where to put your bags , the instructor taking you for today lesson. The staff attending to you will also check with you if you have any prior experiences with martial arts which by the way, if you have none, is absolutely fine as well 😊.

Our staff will give you a short introduction into the basic techniques of the respective discipline that you have signed up for so when the lesson starts, you will be able to jump right into the class & not feel that lost! The staff will also pass you the necessary equipment for you to use during the lesson.

The Actual Lesson

The lesson at Jungle will often start off with 3 minutes of skipping rope as warmup. We use skipping rope as our warmup exercise as it can get the heart pumping up to speed and kickstart the blood circulation and serve to warm up our shoulders and hand.

Skipping also aids in improving our coordination and footwork which is important in a fast-paced full-contact sport like Muay Thai where one is required to constantly be on the move and out maneuver your opponent. Following that will be a time of shadow boxing where the emphasis really is on honing their fighting techniques, condition their muscles, warm- up or mentally condition themselves for the upcoming lesson. Next, the coaches will usually teach some techniques that can be utilised in a fight followed by some partner drills to practice the techniques taught.

The last part of the lesson will consist of some statics exercises to warm the body down and reduce the build-up of lactic acid in our body. (For more detailed breakdown and look into a lesson at Jungle, feel free to check out a post especially dedicated to answering that.

That is in conclusion what to expect if you are a first-timer coming to The Jungle and happen to be reading this blog. Also for a limited time only, The Jungle MMA is giving out $20 dollars of vouchers to be used for classes when you sign up to receive email updates about us via our website. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and hope to see you around in the gym!

Signing Off,


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